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LeoDev provides you with predefined packs in order to accelerate your development. Thanks to our skills and our approaches, you will quickly find growth patterns and secure your success.

LeoDev, expert of company transformation, has developed a differentiating concept and proven methods.

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Pack Starter (free)

  • You have questions regarding the creation of your company or its short, mid and long terms development.
  • You want to define priorities and top must dos for your growth.
A structured process with our tools and methodology:

  • Framework meeting,
  • Company presentation,
  • Quick scan,
  • Diagnostic.
A tailored diagnostic to advise you on the development of your company:

  • Evaluation of current status
  • Identification of strengths and market potential
  • Recommendations / Improvements
  • Initial conclusion and optimisation plan

Pack fund raising

  • You want to secure your growth with the right financing scheme.
  • You want to execute a fund-raising fitting your development stage.
  • You want to define and execute an integral financing strategy (public and private funding) with short, mid and long terms visibility to control the development of your project.
A structured process with our tools and methodology:

  • Audit
  • Stress test
  • Optimization
  • Fund raising
A comprehensive approach from A to Z covering following aspects:

  • Financial analysis in order to determine your financial needs
  • Tailored financing strategy and funding roadmap covering all sources (public grants, bank loans, equity, …)
  • Creation of all documents and tools needed for your funds raising (financial model, business plan, investor deck, teaser, …)
  • Organisation and management of the funds raising:
    • Identification of relevant investors (VC funds, corporate funds, Business Angels, crowdfunding …)
    • Due diligence preparation (coaching and operational involvement)
    • Communication and interaction with investors
    • Support in negotiation (term sheet, shareholders’ agreement, valorisation …)

If needed, set up and execution of a crowdfunding campaign with our partner Anaxago


Pack Strategy

  • You are looking for the best fit strategy for your project.
  • You want to define ways to outperform your competition.
  • You want help to define and execute your company strategy.

A structured process with our tools and methodology:

  • Framework meeting,
  • Workshops framework,
  • In depth analysis,

A tailored strategy for the acceleration of your development:

  • Structured strategy:
  • Vision – Mission
  • Global strategy
  • Product/market fit strategy
  • Go to market strategy
  • Operational startegy
  • KSF and SMART short & medium terms objectives
  • Operational tools and action plan:
  • Lean Startup
  • PDCA
  • OPS & 6 quarters action plan

Pack China Conquest

  • You have an international ambition.
  • You want to develop in Asia and China.
  • You are looking for support to penetrate the Chinese market through existing networks.
  • You want to take advantage of existing means in China at an affordable cost.
A flexible approach defined according to your needs during a kick-off meeting.

A personalised support in order to provide you access to Chinese and Asian markets:

  • Use of LeoDev’s office in Shanghai
  • Support in the establishment of the Chinese subsidiary
  • Access to Chinese ecosystem and local network of partners:
    • Industrials
    • Clients
    • Investors
  • Market study
  • Strategic support tuned for Chinese market entry

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