Digital Pathology Future

Datexim has developed CytoSuite, a solution that allows significant improvement of the quality of cervical cancer analysis as well as of massive deployment of screening campaigns:

  • Cellular samples are digitalized with scanners and automatically analysed with CytoSuite algorithms, results of more than 20 years of extensive research in the area of image processing.
  • Pathologists can access from everywhere in the world, with any device, results of the analysis through a fully secured web interface.


LeoDev’s contribution:

LeoDev’s team has been operationally involved in Datexim since 2012, helping the company with its strategy, business development, financing and recruitment.

Recently, LeoDev has successfully executed a crowdfunding campaign for Datexim on the Anaxago platform.

LeoDev currently acts as CFO for Datexim.

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