Powering ID Cards to the NXT Generation

IDNXT is an industry 4.0 company, connecting manufacturers/developers directly to the customer. IDNXT offers personalized & customizable solutions for the customer based on existing services


Corporate Security + Identification

IDNXT offers a full suite of corporate security solutions to fit any company’s needs. Solutions can be developed to fit several offices, or made compatible to fit global operations of hundreds of thousands of employees.

The flagship product within the IDNXT portfolio is the all-in-one card solution: combining many functions, many existing security devices, all onto one single card.
Your Corporate ID Card therefore becomes far more valuable, as a tool that every employee will use to secure company and client data, and prepare everyone for a safe and secure workplace of the future.


Cards Equipped with a Keypad + Display

Harboring a keypad, display, and also a flexible lithium ion battery, IDNXT cards can officially be called an electronic device. This is an ideal form-factor for security: a stand-alone (card) device that is safe, smart and secure. Having up to 12 “buttons” on the keypad combined with a Display to show randomly generated passwords (like used in banking and some current corporate security measures), there are many options and uses that can be selected amongst the IDNXT technology portfolio.


LeoDev’s contribution:

LeoDev team has been involved in the establishment of IDNXT in Europe and in the definition and execution of its business and operational strategies.

LeoDev currently acts as an advisor to IDNXT.

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