The LeoDev team has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.
With a taste for risk and excellence, its members strive to have a strong impact on people’s life, disrupting targeted markets by tackling the challenges they have to face in order to succeed.

Françoise FABLE

Marketing & Communication

Françoise holds two Master Degrees in business administration and Master in Marketing from University of Caen in Normandy. Françoise brings more than 10 years of experience in company management. In 1998, she joined Gan Assurances and became department manager, in charge of billing and payment collection for 160 agencies in France. In 2010, she founded 2Ps4U in Austria, where she has advised startups on administrative, marketing and commercial matters. From 2012 and onwards she has been involved with the development of several high potential innovative companies in France.


Strategy & General Management

David is an engineering graduate from Telecom Paris, holds a Masters in electronics from the University of Caen in Normandy and a corporate MBA from Ashridge Business School in the UK. David brings with him 15 years of experience in international management and operations management. He occupied several senior management positions at Royal Phillips Electronics In 2008, he became COO at Moversa in Vienna, Austria, a Sony and NXP joint venture. Since 2010, David is involved in the acceleration of life changing companies and cofounded Birch Caring Ventures, DEC France and LeoDev.

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